What Is ActivTrax?

ActivTrax is a FREE web-based tool for all YMCA of Michiana members to create customized workouts based on your goals, strength & fitness experience. Each time you come to the Y, you will receive a new customized workout. You can access your new workout at the kiosk located on the 2nd floor at the Y. You can also access your workout from any web-based device such as your home computer or your smartphone.

From home, you can access the online weight management program from ActivTrax, to help you keep your nutrition on track! Everything from tracking your calorie intake, planning your meals and printing out a grocery list…it’s all available to you for free, 24-7!

Who will Benefit From ActivTrax?

Everyone! We believe that ActivTrax will help individuals at all fitness levels and with all types of exercise

routines. Whatever your health & fitness goals, you will have the support you need along the way! You can track your strength workouts, cardio workouts, laps in the pool, group fitness classes and more. The weight management tool will help those wishing to lose, maintain or gain weight.

And, as always, you will have the community of Y staff and members to keep you motivated and connected to your goals.

Sign up for the Smart Start Program and start taking advantage of the ActivTrax program today!

How Do I Get Started With ActivTrax?

We are waiting to meet with you at the Y! Sign up for​​ our FREE ​Smart Start program and you will be ​connected to a YMCA Wellness Coach who will get you activated into the ActivTrax system!